"What your sleeping place has to do with your health - and how you can effectively protect yourself and your family from electrosmog, radio and earth radiation!"

[Video] Setting up the FM Biofeldformer correctly

This short video explains the best place to set up the FM Biofeldformer ...

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My experience of the third kind

https://vimeo.com/781449264/6a0e7c0c77 In diesem kurzen Videoauszug erzähle ich die Geschichte, wie mir in jungen Jahren von einer alten Rutengängerin mein komplette Weltbild verbogen wurde 🙂

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BIOGETA® DETOX detoxification plate in use

The BIOGETA® DETOX Plate erases the toxic vibration from food, drinks, children's toys, plastic cutlery, and much more. In addition, the DETOX plate can be used to energetically cleanse gemstones, jewelry and silicon or gemstone-based interference suppression products,

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Bio-Wafer in a new design

NEW DESIGN - SAME EFFECTIVENESS - BETTER STRENGTH The Bio-Wafer builds up a high vibrational dextrorotatory field of 29,000 Bovis and is suitable both as a sole harmonizer of a sleeping area

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The new BIOGETA® water former

Fresh, delicious and energetic water directly from the tap! The new water former from BIOGETA® restructures and vitalizes - and conjures up from your dead crane water, fresh water like from a mountain spring.

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Our cherry tree

About 4 years ago I planted two trees in our garden, which since then have been growing quite differently. One grows quite normally, the other is above average with a very high

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Video: Bio-Wafer Resonance Measurement

A bio-wafer provides your personal small helpful health energy cloud, and protects you and your children not only from earth rays, such as water veins, fault lines or intersections of the curry-grid network, but above all ensures

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Excerpt from lecture: 5G

Here at Strahlenfrei-Wohnen, we get a lot of inquiries from concerned people regarding the rapidly advancing rollout of the 5G network and the dangers it poses to us. A big problem, which

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Video: Loads in the camper

In addition to the typical exposure in a car to microwaves - caused by making phone calls in the car as well as streaming with Bluetooth - the flow of electricity from all the technology, in some cases

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